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Paul Harrie

Leaf sculpture by Paul HarrieVases by Paul Harrie

Paul Harrie

Paperweights by Paul Harrie

Milon Townsend

Bottles by Milon TownsendDragons by Milon Townsend

Richard Satava

Jellyfish by Satava Art Glass

Michael Hopko

Glass octopus by Michael Hopko

Kevin O'Grady

Marbles by Kevin O'Grady

Michael Hopko

Glass fish by Michael Hopko

Shawn Messenger

Paperweights and marbles by Shawn Messenger

Jeremy Sinkus

Marbles by Jeremy Sinkus

John & Heather Fields

Petroglyph vases by John and Heather Fields

Minh Martin

Vases by Minh Martin

Scott Bayless

Vases by Scott Bayless

Clinton Smith

Paperweights by Clinton Smith
Vases and bowls by Yukimi Matsumoto of McDermott Glass Studio
Coral Reef sculpture by Mayauel Ward
Papereights by Clinton Smith

NJM Gallery features a stunning collection of museum quality art glass - all handmade in the USA. Browse our current selection of glass art from 100 amazing artists. This website is a current, up to date catalog for our art glass gallery. The glass we offer is handmade by individual artists and small independent studios. Being handmade, each piece within a series is different, so we take the time to photograph each and every piece. When you place your order you will receive the exact piece you see online.

When it comes to purity of color, and transmission of light, there's nothing else like glass. Mastering glass blowing requires years of dedicated practice, talent, creativity and stamina! Although not an easy way to make a living, the artists that do it well deserve to be supported. Each art glass vase, bowl, paperweight, perfume bottle or sculpture is truly a work of art to be enjoyed and treasured for a lifetime. Visit us in Portsmouth, NH or order online to start or add to your collection today!

Jeremy Sinkus

Exotic crab by Jeremy Sinkus

Jeremy Sinkus

Exotic crab by Jeremy Sinkus

Chris Heilman

Vases by Chris Heilman

Buzz Blodgett

Vases by Buzz Blodgett

Chris Sherwin

Birds by Chris Sherwin

Glass Eye Studio

Hearts by Glass Eye Studio

Tim Lindemann

Frogs by Tim LindemannLionfish by Tim Lindemann

Alan Swan

Vases and bowls by Alan Swan

Melanie Leppla

Glass rock cairns by Melanie Leppla

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