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Bloyd Art Glass Studio

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Wall Birds

Artist Info:
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, 1992
10/96 to present
Bloyd Art Glass Studio
6/95 to 9/96
Lowery's Hot Glass. Assisted owners in building their studio, developing a line of work for retail and giving glassblowing demonstrations.
11/94 to 6/95
Paul Count's glass studio. Assisted Italian trained glass artist and produced a variety of marketable product on a piece work basis.
6/91 to 8/94
Glass Experiment, Lawrence, KS. Owned and operated glass studio out of home.
7/90 to 9/94
Free State Glass, Lawrence, KS. Assisted an established glass artist and performed piece work production.
Glass artists Tom and Julie Bloyd
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Tom and Julie Bloyd
Artist Statement:
While working toward a Fine Arts degree in metalsmithing, I took an elective glass blowing class. My initial fascination with glassblowing was the spontaneity of the art. metalsmithing involves days even weeks to execute, whereas glass work lends itself to the moment. The rhythm of molten glass creates unending possibilities in form. Each piece sets the tone for the next until the original concept takes on a life of its own.

One focus in my work is the exploration of the optical layering of color. The layering of color on clear glass creates incredible depth and vibrant, dimensional patterns. My pieces have different color patterns on the interior than on the exterior creating surprises and hidden secrets.

My educational background and interest in metalsmithing combined with my passion for the art of glassblowing led me to develop work using both mediums. One of the series to develop from this union is the fountain. Hand forged steel frames, cradling vibrant glass bowls, accented with flowing blades of grass, combine to create a movement and balance that I hope to capture in all of my work.

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