Art Glass by Retired Glass Master David Garcia

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Tall Grid and Ribbon Vase
detail from Grid and Ribbon vase
$2,840. SOLD
22" h. x 10¼" x 8½"

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Artist Info:
David A. R. Garcia was born in San Francisco, California in 1957 and has lived there most of his life until moving to rural Washington in 1990.

From 1978-1980, while working on his landscape architecture degree at Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge, Garcia became interested in glass - both hot and cold - and studied stained glass under Paul Dufour. Upon returning to San Francisco in 1981, Garcia resumed his glass studies at San Francisco State University with John Leighton and, in 1982, briefly studied hot glass at the California College of Arts and Crafts under the tutelage of Marvin Lipofsky. In 1983, however, Garcia abandoned academia and began working independently out of Shaun Weisbach's studio and, in 1987, built his own hot glass shop. Today his work can be found in collections, galleries, and fine arts museum shops throughout the United States and Canada.

David Garcia retired from glass blowing in 2007 to open a restaurant.

Glass artist David Garcia with Terry Nyquist
David Garcia & Terry Nyquist
Licensed to practice landscape architecture and the son of an architect, Garcia admits that his work is often reminiscent of buildings and cityscapes through his use of multi-layered geometric forms and the interplay between shapes, brilliant color, and the fluid optics of glass. His philosophy? A guiding influence is his strong belief in relating the ancient art of glassblowing to our contemporary world. And on a more subconscious level, he supposes his attraction to hot glass originates from mankind's perpetual fascination with fire... and poking long sticks into it. The allure of molten glass is that it resembles fire. Intensely hot, fluid, and volatile, it must be handled with finesse, strength, and speed - and yet unlike fire, it can be blown, molded, and crafted into permanent, intricate forms.

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