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Art Glass by Stephen Gartner & Danielle Blade

Gartner/Blade Glass

Click to view urns by Gartner/Blade Glass
Click to view Strata series vases and bowls by Gartner/Blade Glass
Click to view pendant lamps by Gartner/Blade Glass
Click to view arbor sculpture by Gartner/Blade Glass

Artist Info:
Glass artist Danielle Blade, image © NJM GalleryGartner/Blade glass is the work of Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade. Danielle and Stephen combine their individual ideas, techniques and experiences to create original works in hand blown and sculpted hot glass. Since 1995 they have been evolving a series of pieces that explore their interpretation of objects of ritual and worship found in primitive cultures. In these pieces they hope to convey a reverence and understanding of the value of our natural resources. These signature pieces include chalices, covered vessels, and bowls. Their work combines traditional hand blown technique, with innovative color application and some very untraditional sculpting techniques. The inspiration for these pieces rooted in the natural world, started with Danielle and Stephen's fascination with found objects, and their functional use. Bone, antler, wood, vines, fossils and rock formations are some of the elements that influence their pieces. Stephen is an avid orchid grower and the couple find inspiration in the colors that fill their home when the plants are in bloom.

Stephen and Danielle built their first studio in the rural artist community of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Both loved the unspoiled beauty of the Ozarks and the counter culture that thrives in the Victorian spa town. However in time distance from family and friends caused them to relocate. In 2000 Danielle and Stephen moved their home and studio to the southern Massachusetts Berkshires.

Stephen Gartner, born 1964 in Phoenix, Arizona, grew up in the southern United States and Europe.

Danielle Blade, born 1967 in the Isle of Wight, England. Daughter of British studio artist Martin Evans, Danielle moved to the United States in 1985.

Prior to opening their own studio both Stephen and Danielle studied with prominent American and European artists. Both worked as production glassblowers and as glass blowing instructors.

About the Strata series:
The Strata series is inspired by the artists' fascination with natural geological formations. Starting with a dense background of rich opaque color, over which the design reminiscent of marble or rock strata is inlaid. The pieces are finished with a brilliant gold lip accent. Each piece is unique with it's own very distinct characteristics.

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