Art Glass Vases and Bowls by Ken & Ingrid Hanson

Hanson and Kastles Handblown Art Glass

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Blossom series
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Cane series
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Garden series
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Marakesh vase
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Monet series
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Vine series
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Artist Info:

Glass artists Ken and Ingrid HansonKen and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife glass blowing team who have been working collaboratively since 1992. Together they create hand blown art glass that is both unique and contemporary. Inspired by traditional Italian and Swedish glass-blowing technique, they have developed several series of work which reflect their personal visions and interpretations of contemporary American Art glass.

In 1996 Ingrid received her second Bachelor's degree from San Francisco State University, a Bachelor's of Fine Art emphasizing in Sculpture and Art Education. Ken, who also studied at S.F.S.U., received three Bachelor's degrees, the third being a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Ceramics.

After leaving S.F.S.U., Ken and Ingrid worked as apprentices with an established glass artist. During this time, they further developed their own senses of style, technique, and skill in glass blowing.

Ken and Ingrid melt sand and other raw materials into glass at temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. They gather the molten glass onto blow pipes, then through the use of heat, gravity, and centrifugal force, they manipulate the glass into beautiful works of art.

The artists pay great attention to the detail of the surface decoration on their vessels. They create brightly colored stripes and symbols of cane and murrini by hand forming and melting glass into various shapes. During the glass-blowing process they fuse these inclusions onto the surface of the glass. They often include 24K gold and pure silver leaf in many of their pieces.

Artist Statement:
"We constantly strive to evolve our ideas to create unique and exciting works of art in glass. It is the intensity and unpredictability of hot glass that inspires constant change in our work. By collaborating on our work, each new idea presents a multitude of possibilities for us to discover."

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