Michael Hopko Nature Inspired Handblown GlassArt Glass Fish & Octopi by Michael Hopko

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Artist Info:
Glass artist Michael Hopko

Michael Hopko has always been a glass-blower. As young as high-school, he had an interest in "playing with fire." After attending a local community college, he apprenticed with several glass-blowers to gain time & experience with the medium. It was not long before Michael followed another dream, to run his own business. Michael has been self-employed for most of his adult life and is graced with the ability to do what he loves for a living.

Hopko art glass is known for its large variety of colorful octopus. Quickly gaining in popularity are the realistic looking fish. A large selection of diverse beauties, including fresh water Salmon and Trout, salt water Yellow Fin and Blue Fin Tuna, Mahi-mahi and Great White Sharks. Most recently, another dream of Michael's has come to formation. He is combining wall-mounted glass, steel and lighting, bringing his level of artistty to a whole new dimension.

Michael gains inspiration from the freedom his profession provides. Constantly, reconnecting with nature by fishing the local rivers and oceans. Or bike riding to a local vista just to enjoy the view. His glass pieces reflect a keen eye that is able to recreate that life-like realism in glass. His work continues to speak for itself. Michael Hopko continues to aspire to new heights.

Michael Hopko began his journey as a glass artist in 1990 as an art student at Shasta College. Since founding Soul Glass in 1996, Michael has ensured that each piece of art that leaves his studio is uniquely crafted within comparable quality. Continually honing his craft, his future goals include creating even more elaborate pieces, appealing to both the trained glass collector and the individual looking for beautiful display art.

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