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Art Glass by Corey Hubbell

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Wall Art
Artist Info:
Glass artist Corey HubbellBorn in Seattle, it seems natural that Corey L. Hubbell would be attracted to glass. He picked up his first blow pipe two decades ago, in 1989, when he began blowing glass at Vines Art Glass Studio. With natural talent and a fascination for the element, he quickly became head glassblower and designer for several years.

During this time Corey also worked on special glass projects with leading artists in the Seattle area. He has also worked in other countries like Bermuda and Australia. Although Corey's experience covers flame work, cold working and fused glass, his focus remains on blown glass.

In 2003, Corey founded and built the Redmond School of Glass where he taught and created blown glass. As a 2006 Pilchuck graduate, he has further diversified and expanded his knowledge and passion for glass. In 2013, Corey sold RSG to open a new studio on the East Coast. In October 2014, Corey opened his new studio.

Artist Statement:
“I love the art of glassblowing. I love the challenge that glassblowing has to offer. The personal battle of the heat, strength and finesse is constant throughout.”

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