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Glass artists Dan and Joi LaChausseeLaChaussée Glass Studio nestles among the towering conifers of Whidbey Island, WA, overlooking the placid waters of Puget Sound. In this idyllic setting, the husband-wife team of Daniel and Joi LaChaussée handcraft glass artifacts of fluid beauty and graceful elegance.

Dan LaChaussée began blowing glass in 1981 in Seattle at Fremont Antique Glass. He began taking classes at Pratt fine Arts Center in 1983, studying under Fritz Dreisbach, Dante Marioni, Steve Edwards, James Harmone, Will Dexter, Brian Rubino, and Lino Tagliopietra, an Italian master.

Joi LaChaussée received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Colorado in 1983. In the summer of 1983 she was a Teaching Assistant in Vail, Colorado teaching glassblowing. She later attended the Appalachian Center for Crafts, once again studying the art of glass making. In 1986, Joi moved to Seattle, Washington and started working in glass studios and attending classes at Pratt Fine Arts.

Dan and Joi met in 1986 at Pratt and have been working together ever since. During 1987, they both studied at Pilchuck, a renown glass school and one of the most prestigious institutions in this country. Since starting LaChaussée Glass Studio in 1988, they have teamed up with an array of excellent glass artists working on the creation of their own dramatic art pieces. Some of these pieces are in private and corporate collections across the United States.

Lately, the LaChaussée team has enjoyed playing with color and forms that can only be achieved with the dynamics of heat, centrifugal force, and gravity. Most passionately they enjoy their work with ocean life forms. Each piece is an original and is the result of many years of work in this direction. They consistently continue to develop new ideas and have successfully become well known in the world of art glass.

Joi and Dan have shown internationally in Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Canada. Their work has also been featured in prestigious exhibitions throughout the United States.

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