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Romeo Glass

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Artist Info:

Glass artist Minh MartinMinh Martin was born in Saigon, Vietnam and spent part of his childhood in the Philippines. After studying Geophysics at Yale University, he apprenticed with The Great Bri'oni in southern California, before returning to the east coast where he currently lives and works. Minh's studio is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in a re-purposed corduroy factory where he shares the space with potters, metalsmiths, stone carvers, a bronze foundry and a steeple-maker.

He is married to the fiber artist, Anna Shapiro, and has a daughter, Sophie.

“I work in blown glass, believing that the objects we surround ourselves with should engage our affection and elevate our collective identity. By making precious and durable objects, we enrich ourselves and ensuing generations.

“My intention is both beauty and functionality. Much of the current work involves the incorporation of surface metals such as silver and titanium. My techniques and aesthetics are influenced by Italian goblet making, Art Deco surface design and Tiffany's Favrile work.”

This stemware is designed for daily use.

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