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Pottery by Lois Kupersmith

Not Just Mud!

Wheel thrown shapes of white stoneware are combined with hand built additions to form this uniquely fun and functional series. Each piece is completely hand made so each fish or lizard has its own personality. After the first 'bisque' firing, our own green and blue formula glazes are applied, then the entire piece is dipped into a white glaze. The final firing matures the clay and vitrifies the glazes at a temperature of over 2,300 degrees.

These are sample images of our work. The colors patterns and shaping of every piece will be unique.

Lois Kupersmith: Stoneware fish
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Stoneware clay Fish

Sculptural white stoneware, these fish are oddly appealing. Mixed green and blue glazes with shapes and color patterns varying. Approximately 3-3�" h. x 8-9" long. Occasionally, larger fish will also be available. Call for info.

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Fish Handled Hot Beverage Mug

Yes, it's a comfortable mug for your favorite hot beverage! Holds a good amount of your favorite brew (about 10 ounces). Approximately 4�" h. x 3�" dia. (7" from head to tail).

NJM Coffee Mug - fish design
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Hot Beverage Mug

This mug is perfect for a steaming cup of your hot beverage of choice, especially a cappuccino with lots of steamy foam at the top. Approximately 4�" h. x 3�" dia., holds 6 ounces.

NJM Hot Beverage Mug

Covered Lizard Jar

The little green lizard patiently guards the contents of this jar. Approx. 5�" x 4�" dia.

NJM Covered Lizard Jar Chowder Bowl

What could be better than enjoying a fresh fish chowder from our fish bowl? Or how about ice cream or your favorite dessert. These multi-purpose bowls, like all of our pottery, are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Fish handled chowder bowl

Fish Teapot

Pours from the mouth. With a bamboo handle. Approx. 9�" h. including handle x 12" w. from head to tail.

NJM Teapot with Fish head spout and tail Fish Planter

Perfect for hanging in front of a kitchen window. Fill the tail with gravel for drainage. Approx. 12" h. x 10" w.

NJM Hanging Planter, fish design

Artist Info:
After dabbling with pottery on an occasional basis since she was a child, Lois Kupersmith became involved with pottery as a 'serious' hobby in 1986 and studied at the Westchester Art Workshop. This love has developed into a full time career. Lois creates the artwork with a variety of techniques, always diversifying and trying something new.

Every piece is individually wheel thrown and hand built by Lois - no production techniques such as jiggering and casting are used. With much of the art being adorned with hand built fish, lizards and turtles, the work is slow, but every piece takes on its own unique personality.

After opening the NJM Gallery in the spring of 1993, the Kupersmith's now spend most of their time running the gallery - a 7 day a week job which leaves little opportunity to create new pottery. However, as time permits, Lois still enjoys working with pottery. In addition, she creates flameworked glass fish bead earrings and necklaces which can be seen in our Portsmouth, NH gallery.

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