Art Glass by James E. Nowak

Nowak Glass Studio - Studio has shut down, no more work available

Samples of work by James Nowak - STUDIO CLOSED

Artist Info:
December 7, 1956 - Wisconsin
Pilchuck Glass Center
1983: Pilchuck scholarship student
1984: Dale Chihuly's winter glass blowing team
1984: Summer staff
1985: Advanced Glass Blowing - Lino Tagliapietra & Benjamine Moore
1990: Surface decoration - Dan Daily
1991: Solid off-hand glass sculpture - Loredano Rosin
End 2012
James Nowak
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Artist Statement:
"Glass unlike any other medium possess the remarkable qualities of transparency and flexibility. This allows not only the formation of a full bodied sculpture but also the ability to create depth within the walls of the glass vessel. My imagery is directed towards creating a sense of perspective and different fields of depth. While hot, glass can be bent, twisted and folded into complex convoluted capsules. These capsules are self contained elements full of detail and animation. I then use these elements to build a baroque surface, alive with activity, complete with the illusion of foreground and distant background.

The surface of my glass depicts colorful abstractions of flora and fauna. Minerals and vapors dance in the realm between dimensions. The designs, though basically flat, two-dimensional objects, reach out towards the third dimension to suggest forms with volume. Intermingled layers of clear, tinted and opaque glasses combine with dichroic and polychromatic filigree to create a chaotic fabric. Through juxtaposition and happenstance the viewer will see new order emerging. Hidden structure can suddenly appear. I work with reflective and transparent areas. This allows some things to be seen while hiding others, evoking a sense of adventure and discovery. Most of all I want people to wonder "What's on the other side?"

Illusive, defiant of straight line logic, glass lends itself well to my ideas. Intuition is the key to working this material. Hot glass is so sensitive that sometimes even a subtle breath sends it reeling. Yet the finished vessel is capable of withstanding thousands of years of admiration. Captured like a snapshot, the real life motions of fire and water are mirrored in glass. The source of my inspiration comes from the ability of glass to carry the imagery of movement."

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