Kevin O'Grady: California Mission series marble - “Carmel Mission”

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Lt'd Edition 2011 Carmel Mission Vortex Marble, 2.46 dia.  SOLD
Kevin O'Grady lt'd edition Carmel Mission marble
Statement about the Carmel Mission by Kevin O'Grady:

“The Carmel Mission was Father Serra's favorite, and he is buried under the altar in this beautiful church. Carmel was founded in 1770, the 2nd of the missions. The mission was originally located near the presidio of Monterey, but in 1771 Father Serra moved it 5 miles south near the mouth of the Carmel River. Monterey became the capital of early California, and Carmel became the headquarters of the missions. The stone church was abandoned in 1836 after secularization. By 1880 the roof of the church had collapsed. A new roof was built in 1882, and further restoration took place in 1924. The mission became a parish church in 1933, and the church and its grounds have been beautifully maintained ever since. The Moorish influence of the architecture of the Carmel Mission is unique among the missions.

“This is my favorite mission along the Camino Real so I chose it to be the first in my series of Murrine Canes honoring the beauty and peace of the California Missions.”

The mission image is created totally with glass cane, representing hundreds of hours of work combining, stretching, cutting over and over to achieve this amazing result. As always, no paint is used creating these masterpieces.

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