Kevin O'Grady: California Mission series marble - “Soledad Mission”

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Lt'd Edition 2012 Soledad Mission Vortex Marble, 2.52 dia.  SOLD
Kevin O'Grady lt'd edition Soledad Mission marble
Statement about the Soledad Mission by Kevin O'Grady:

“In 1791 Father Lasuen planted the cross and rang the bell heralding the founding of Mission Soledad. The idyllic yet isolated location has changed little since then, remaining a peaceful outpost to this day.

“Gradually this humble mission flourished and became prospersous, although it was never as celebrated and well visited as some of the more accessible coastal missions along the Camino Real. When the pirate Hippolyte de Bouchard began his raids on the coastal missions in 1818, many clergy and civil governors took refuge in Soledad, the most isolated outpost of the mission chain.”

“It remains tranquil and lonely and is a vision off peace from the deck of one of my favorite vineyards in that area.”

The mission image is created totally with glass cane, representing hundreds of hours of work combining, stretching, cutting over and over to achieve this amazing result. As always, no paint is used creating these masterpieces.

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