Kevin O'Grady: California Mission series marble - “San Juan Bautista

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Lt'd Edition 2013/14 San Juan Bautista Mission Marble, 2.58 dia.  $1,200. SOLD
Kevin O'Grady lt'd edition San Juan Bautista Mission marble
Statement about the San Juan Bautista Mission by Kevin O'Grady:

“Father Lasuen founded San Juan Bautista, named after Saint John the Baptist, in 1797. Located adjacent to the San Andreas Fault, it has been damaged by several earthquakes, but never fully destroyed. It was restored in 1884, 1949, 1976, and again in 2010, when the three bell campanario was fully restored. San Juan Bautista is also known as the Mission of Music thanks to father Tapis, who taught singing to the renowned Indian boys choir, joining Father Arroyo de Ia Cuesta, who was a composer and has handwritten choir books at the Mission Museum.

“It remains tranquil and lonely and is a vision off peace from the deck of one of my favorite vineyards in that area.

“The beautiful original altar reredos (altar screen) and bultos (saints), painted in 1818, remain largely un-restored. The Mission also boasts the largest and most complete collection of apostolate paintings in the Mission chain.

“A modern side note; the Mission was the setting for Alfred Hitchcock's 1957 movie, Vertigo.

“Mission San Juan Bautista is on the only remaining original Spanish Plaza in California and part of the original Camino Real can be seen from the Mission.”

The mission image is created totally with glass cane, representing hundreds of hours of work combining, stretching, cutting over and over to achieve this amazing result. As always, no paint is used creating these masterpieces.

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