At NJM Gallery, we re-use as much packing material as possible. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also keeps our costs down saving you money.

Once you've unpacked your order, if you can't re-use the packing materials yourself, why not bring them over to a local UPS Store? They'll take your styrofoam peanuts and maybe other packing materials and put them to good use. The longer we can keep these materials our of landfills, the better.

NJM Gallery's re-useable Shopping Bag
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Resuable Shopping Bag
Another way to help the environment is to use reusable shopping bags when you go to the supermarket or other shops.

We're have our own re-usable bags made from sturdy 100 grams per square meter, premium quality, non-woven polypropylene. 100% recyclable and reusable, with dual reinforced 20" carrying handles, hemmed opening, 10" side and bottom gussets with matching covered cardboard bottom insert. These tear resistant and water repellent bags are made from recycled material and will save you from wasting hundreds of ordinary use once plastic bags every year. These are stronger than the bags most supermarkets offer.

Our bags are:
• Reusable & hand washable
• Sturdy premium quality polypropylene.
• Ideal for the supermarket, travel, work, parties, sports & the beach.

When you shop in our Portsmouth gallery, you might just get one of these when you make a purchase!

Recycle - Help save the environment!

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