Art Glass by Alan Swan

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Artist Statement:
Glass artist Alan Swan

“I was driven by tragedy to search for beauty.

“At the age if twenty, I lived after being hit by a grenade while serving with Special Forces (Special Operations). The American sergeant and four Montagnard tribesmen on that operation in Laos brought me back unconscious to Vietnam and recovery. After four years, I could use my right arm and shoulder and walk pretty straight. After twelve years, I started a “real” job. The injuries caught up with me and forced me into early retirement. To work through the challenges, I built a glass furnace at my house and started learning about glassblowing. I feel very fortunate and thankful that it has worked out so well in overcoming the heartbreak and physical challenges. I feel as an artist I use my hands and eyes to create an object to express what I see with my heart.

“The recent output of glass creations has been made possible by my son, Nathan. He carefully and patiently helps me overcome physical challenges to studio work. It’s especially satisfying to see that he’s developed his skills and abilities. I have great pride in being “totally eclipsed by the son” in overall skills and inspiration. I am looking forward to good times ahead in creating glass pieces of quality and inspiration.”

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