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Art Glass by Milon Townsend

Townsend Associates

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Artist Info:
Glass artist Milon TownsendArtist Milon Townsend captures elegance, energy, and expression in his figurative glass sculptures. Each piece is individually created by the artist himself - no molds are used and thus each work is unique. His imaginative approach to traditional glass objects such as goblets and perfumes adds interest, prestige, and value.

Line, form, movement and color are the key ingredients that combine to elucidate Townsend's distinctive style.

Townsend Associates is a team of skilled artists working closely together, with guidance and direction from founder Milon Townsend.The team produces paperweights, perfumes, goblets and ornaments of exceptional quality and detail using the technique of flameworking. This process of heating rods, tubes, and sheets of glass in a highly specific torch flame allows the artist to include an extraordinary level of detail, drawing the eye of the viewer into the piece.

In order to be a member of the team, each person must be able to execute their pieces as well as or better than Townsend himself. Each artist is encouraged to develop their own series of pieces, leading naturally to a collegiate level of give and take in which ideas are able to flourish and grow.

Artist Statement:
"I seek to clarify the elements of Truth, Beauty, and Simplicity through visual form. These are becoming rare qualities to find in our lives today, though the need for them has perhaps never been greater."

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