Art Glass by Mayauel Ward

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Perfume Bottles
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Light sculpture
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Coral Reef vases

Artist Info:
Glass artist Mayauel Ward The fertile mind and skillful hands of a talented native Californian create vases, perfume bottles and paperweights layered with delicate flowers and underwater scenes. Mayauel Ward captures both nature and his imagination in his beautiful glasswork.

While attending El Camino College, Mayauel enrolled in a class in glassblowing. Once he completed his studies, Mayauel went to work for Correia Art Glass. His stay lasted for more than a year. In 1979 he went to work for his former teacher, good friend and future brother-in-law Stuart Abelman who at the time was just starting Abelman Art Glass Studio.

In 1988, while still working for Abelman Art Glass, Ward started his own glass business, which continues to grow every year. He makes lampwork and torchwork paperweights and blows vases and perfume bottles.

Growing up in California, Mayauel spent a great deal of his youth surfing. Snorkeling has also become a favorite pastime. His coral reef paperweights and vases reflect his love of the ocean.
Mayauel says he has learned and grown from observing contemporary glassblowers. While he may admire others, it is his own dedication to the art and his years of developing his own style that led him to create unique pieces. He says, “I am as fascinated by the beauty of glass as I am challenged by the technical difficulty of creating it.” Always experimenting with color combinations and the techniques of layering different colors one over the other, Mayauel does not see his glassblowing style changing but evolving. He is presently working on new designs with more detail, more interesting colors, and different combinations of flowers. Mayauel's mind is filled with new ideas awaiting the challenge of being born into glass.

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