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Newest Art Glass Arrivals last updated Saturday, June 17, 2017
This page features samples from the latest arrivals of art glass at NJM Gallery. IMPORTANT: To insure that you're seeing the latest version of our website, if your browser allows, set it to "Check for newer versions of stored pages", or force a page reload by clicking .

Remember - The images on our online catalog pages are of the Actual piece you will receive!

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Paperweights by the Glass Eye Studio
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Glass Eye Studio

More paperweights from the Celestial and the Environmental series have arrived and have just been posted. We also have new Hearts of Fire paperweights.

New items added 05/21/17

paperweights $122.
hearts $65.
Dragons by Milon Townsend
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Milon Townsend

Fire breathing dragons have arrived.

New items added 04/29/17

from $98.
Vases by Gartner and Blade
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Stephen Gartner & Danielle Blade

A few excellent new vases from the Strata series have just arrived. April 26th... more vases added!

New items added 04/15/17

from $315.
Vases by Minh Martin
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Minh Martin
Romeo Glass

We have a new assortment of Martin's brilliant iridescent glass vases plus more goblets from the Spider series have arrived.

New items added 04/19/17

Cairns and lanterns by Melanie Leppla
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Melanie Leppla

Unusual and beautiful cairns and lanterns from Leppla.

New items added 04/08/17

cairns from $415.
lanterns from $565.
Flameworked glass ornaments by Steven Scherer
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Steven Scherer

An excellent new selection of flameworked glass ornaments has arrived from Scherer. Look for the new designs.

New items added 04/06/17

to $140.
Frogs by Tim Lindemann
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Tim Lindemann

More tree frogs, frogs on geodes, hermit crabs and octopi.

New items added 04/05/17

frogs from $138.
crabs $180.
octopus from $168.
Vases by Matt Seasholtz
Image © Copyright 2017 by Not Just Mud!
Matt Seasholtz

A couple of gorgeous vases have arrived from Seasholtz along with his wonderful candy dishes.

New items added 04/02/17

dishes $140.
vases from $545.
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